I’m a technology enthusiast and Software Engineer.   I created this personal site with the intent that it will be a place where I can put my projects down, share ideas and learn as well as teach.

Opinions expressed on this site are mine and do not reflect the opinions of anyone else including my employer (Intel Corporation).

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  1. Hi,

    I’m trying to purchase two Far Red Flower Initiator flood lights. The system is saying no shipping method??? I’m in Michigan, 48025!

    Can I get these or no shipping truly? Thank you


  2. Hi Again,

    Thank you for reply. Q: Can you make the far red in 20w? I need two if so. Also. can you make two 50w Deep Blue units instead of std. output?

    I’m ready to go if you’re able to do this. I can use the 10w far red, but would require four (4). Could you offer a better deal on that if “no” to two 20w versions?

    Lots of questions, lol. The deep blue are important to offset the potential “stretch/growth” from far red and to keep tight internode spacing. Most likely you’re aware of this system.

    Thank you,

  3. Apologies, forgot to ask about UV. Any suggestions for this style light? I use UV T8 bulbs for final 3 weeks flower and incorporate into lighting from clone to finish in steps to not harm, but slightly stress. Open to thoughts… was thinking two (2) 10w or 20w would work???


    1. I try to think of it as similar to a 10W white LED. A couple 10W white LEDs can illuminate a room. It’s the close to the same number of photons coming out of the 10W far red LED. The light will not look nearly as bright, however, to the human eye because far red is nearing the limit of visible light and the human eye isn’t as sensitive to red as it is green/yellow.

  4. ok so 2 has the footprint of aboy 8×10 ft, yes I understand the photons from this wavelength are less impactful to our eyes vs plants…yr idea is a good one. and you test the Chinese leds for quality

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