Auto-irrigation for raised garden – Part II: The raised garden

Quick update on the raised garden project.  The first garden bed is built!  This is a 6 x 3 ft bed with 5 x 3 ft of growing space.  I used cedar outdoor wood and I think it looks pretty nice.


Shortly after building, I did a bit of research on the Mitleider gardening method.  In order to do vertical gardening, I need taller posts which I initially thought I would just use for grapes or other vine plants.  I may end up redoing the post system or at least modifying it so I can vertically grow my tomatoes and melons in order to maximize space.


This bed is also equipped with an equipment box.  This is where most of the auto-irrigation system will go (valves, Edison module, panel charger, energy storage, etc).


Finally I’ve mounted my 10 watt solar panel.  After observing, I don’t like this position.  It should go on the back pillar to avoid casting shadow on my other solar panels: the plants below.

Next Part: Rainwater gathering


3 thoughts on “Auto-irrigation for raised garden – Part II: The raised garden”

  1. I applaud your willingness to innovate but I would suggest to the extent possible, where it doesn’t interfere with your innovations, you follow the recommendations. I wonder where you are located because I would have expected you to locate the growing box further from the house. As long as you maximize sunlight, follow the fertilizer and growing media recommendations and provide sufficient water you can’t help but be successful with this system.

    1. The bed is facing south. So sun is good. I may move it farther away because getting to the far side wasn’t easy… I learned about the Mittleider system after this bed. Good suggestions.

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